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The Basics:

Custom Co-Pak does not supply any printed material (envelopes, tags, unit boxes etc.) unless all printed materials are committed in first Purchase Order. The cost of art work and plates will always be the responsibility of the customer. Minimum order quantities depend on the type of tea bag and amount of SKU's. Please contact Stephen Wallick of our sales department to discuss further details. Tea blends are normally supplied by customers although in-house formulas and blend development is an option.


Tea Bags with String and Tag in your Envelope


Double chamber filter bag with thread and tag using the most recent technology to fix the thread to the bag with a sewn knot. The filter paper is thinner than conventional filter paper for better infusion. A knurl seal is used so that no heat is necessary to seal the teabag.


Pyramid Tea Bags with or without String and Tag

Mesh Sachets

Triangular (pyramid) or rectangular shaped (your option, same cost) nylon or soilon (compostable) teabags, available with or without tag to get the ultimate infusion for whole leaf teas and herbs. We only use FUSO machines for superior quality tea bags.


Pyramid Tea Bags with Envelope

Enveloped Mesh Triangular Sachets

Pyramid (triangular) shaped nylon or soilon (compostable)tea bags in a high-end clear or printed envelope with your own design.


Pillow Style Tagless Tea Bags

Square Tagless

Pillow style tea bag; single chamber square filter bag without string and tag or individual envelope. Our filter paper is made with natural fiber and is absolutely chlorine-free, biodegradable and compostable! This is the most economical choice in teabags due to a combination of high-speed equipment and low materials cost.


Round Tea Bags

Round Teabag with Pattern Paper

Single chamber round filter bag without string and tag or individual envelope. Ideal for packing into a round tin or pouch. Our round tea bags use premium tissue paper, with over 2,500 perforations for faster infusion and better flavor release.


Pillow Tea Bags with String and Tag


String and tag filter bags for tea, herbal teas, and other infusion products, available with or without heat-sealed envelopes. The teabag is sealed on three sides and is made from heat-seal filter paper and has an innovative design where the string remains inside the bag together with the product. Just pull on the tag and the string readily emerges from the bag. Pillow tea bags are also available with a conventional string and tag.


Iced Tea Filter Bags or Frac Packs

Fin Seal or 3-Side Seal

We pack quantities ranging from 10 grams (0.3 ounces) to 128 grams (4 ounces). The size of the bag is adjusted to fit the amount of tea or tea blend in the bag. You can choose between filter bags that can be placed right in the brewer and clear or foil bags for pouring into brewers with their own filters. The bags are available in conventional fin seal bags and 3-side seal bags (not shown).


Loose Tea PAckets and Filling

Individual Packest, Tins or Pouches

Tea blends can be machine-packed into packets or filled into tins, pouches, or other packages of your choosing. Packets can be pre-printed or generic material. Tins or pouches can be pre-printed for large projects or labeled for lower volume projects.

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