Customcopak - MD-20 Video
Spanish Organic Fair Trade Kosher

Custom Co-Pak's MD-20 Video

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The MD20 is a machine which produces double chamber filter bags with thread and tag using the most recent technology to fix the thread to the bag with a sewn knot (Teamac patented system). The filter bag produced by this machine is as ecological as possible for dosing products for infusions .

The Teamac bag provides tea, herbs and tisanes with the ideal environment for correct and healthy infusion, since they are only in contact with natural materials: the filter paper is not heat-sealable, therefore no type of glue has been added to it, the thread is made of natural cotton and the innovative method for fixing the thread does not use metal staples or adhesives. The cotton thread is sewn onto the bag with a robust double knot which guarantees excellent hold and strength and perfectly closes the top of the bag.

One of Custom Co-Pak's State-of-the-Art machines.

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